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Welcome! I'm Leslie Murray. I've been writing humor and illustrating for years. Never mind how many, Nosy Parker. You may have seen my work in the award-winning Murray's Law line of greeting cards (winner of 23 Louie Awards but who's counting? OK I am), and paper products. Or my old comic strip. But what I want to know is has anyone seen my car keys?

Most of my images are available for licensing! Yay! Picture them on your products. You know you want to. All images copyright Leslie Murray. May not be used without permission.

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You can buy my greeting cards and related paper products at Leanin' Tree.

And check out my DrinkBlots Christmas coasters for MagnetWorks! You can get them online at Flag Fables:

email me: (I removed my blog due to time constraints.)

Leslie Alison Murray, Humorist and Queen of France