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Buy products including tees, mugs, welcome mats, pillows, and more at Queen of France Shopping here: Queen of France Shopping

I hate long walks on the beach. Blah blah thunderstorms, blah blah glass of wine by the fire, blabity blabity bla .. what? This isn't Match.com? Oh, er, ahem

Introducing Queen of France Studios, the next generation of Murray's Law, my former line of humorous cards and paper products, winner of 23 Louie Awards including Greeting Card of the Year, and it was a syndicated newspaper comic strip. Never one to rest on my Louies, I am now launching Queen of France Studios.

The art is new, we have new characters, the look is upgraded. Vive la différence!

In addition to greeting cards, I've written and illustrated two little humor books with my sister. My work has been featured around the world and in different languages on beverage napkins, notepads, sticky notes, calendars, gift wrap, gift bags, bottle totes, and more. I've done housewares including mugs, porcelain plates, paper plates, tumblers, coasters, kitchen signs, needlepoint canvases, towels, framed wall art, fabric collections, and Christmas ornaments; and apparel including t-shirts, sweatshirts, aprons, and tote bags. In my spare time, I am the Queen of France.

Wow maybe I'd better sit down for a minute and rest.


Buy products at Queen of France Shopping, here:Queen of France Shopping

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Leslie Moak Murray, Humorist and Queen of France

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